About Us

We get it. You have a business to run. You play by the rules but want to focus on growing your business rather than becoming an expert in a myriad of government regulations. Mowry & Grimson was founded on the model that a small firm can provide the same quality legal advice as top national firms, but at a reasonable price and with more focused attention to your business. We can guide you through all aspects of the regulation of international trade and be there when the unexpected occurs. We can be your problem-solvers.

Our partners came from top firms, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge about trade policy and disputes, while always keeping the client's competitive objectives in mind. Members of our legal team have worked for the U.S. government agencies tasked with regulating international trade. Our experience and philosophy allows us to provide outstanding and reliable legal services that can be tailored to work with your business's needs and goals. In an effort to cooperate more efficiently and fully with our clients who do business in Asia, the firm extended its presence to Shanghai in 2009.

The firm's partners have extensive experience in trade law and policy. Mowry & Grimson attorneys and experts have earned the trust and praise of clients from Fortune 100 companies to small independent companies in significant trade disputes before the U.S. government and the trade agencies of other countries. Our trade litigation experience, both in the United States and abroad, involves products in many different industrial sectors, including agricultural products, natural resources, light manufactured products, steel and chemicals. Our job is to protect you and let you run your business.

Let Mowry & Grimson work for you.